Mobile Marketing Campaign & App

Today, the majority of people access the web through mobile devices. The mobile adoption rate is ten times faster than PC and three times larger than social media. People also interact with their phones very differently compared to desktops or laptops. It is the easiest and quickest path to making a purchase. That is why brands should adopt mobile-first solutions in their digital marketing strategy.

What is mobile marketing?

A mobile marketing campaign means reaching out to target audiences via messaging, mobile ads, and texts or SMS. It targets consumers not on demographics but more on grouped behaviors and location. As such, brands can interact with people in real-time. Its main goal is to drive users from browsing on their smartphones to making a purchase.

How does it work?

A mobile marketing campaign provides consumers an easier path to buy products and services on small screens. It influences the mobile usage of consumers through mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites. The most common mobile marketing strategies are Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, in-app marketing, location-based SMS, QR codes, and social media ads. 

Mobile Marketing Campaign & App

Common problems mobile marketing can solve

Mobile marketing campaigns break the physical limitation of brick-and-mortar shops by allowing them to connect with customers anytime and anywhere. Mobile-first solutions adopt personalized consumer targeting through email, PPC, QR code, and SMS. They get users clicking links, exploring content, and making purchases by streamlining each process.

What we deliver

Social Stand designs Android & iOS apps and mobile responsive websites. We drive consumers from inbox to checkout through a few clicks. We also inform them of current promotions through SMS. Furthermore, we design PPC and QR codes for product ads.

Mobile devices dominate the daily lives of the modern consumer.

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