Facebook Updates Spark AR Tool Features

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We’ve seen the rise of online connections because of the pandemic. People have to express themselves over social media. To provide a more meaningful experience, Facebook updates Spark AR. Spark AR Studio is the platform’s AR tool since 05 October 2018.

Facebook Updates Spark AR Tool Features

On 27 May 2020, Facebook is adding new AR tools to Spark AR Studio. The following features will be available for Android users.

  • AR Music. This is a responsive music functionality added on Instagram. Such function synchronizes digital effects to music. Users can use songs from Instagram’s music library or import legal music files. To avoid copyright issues, creators can refer to the updated music guidelines.
  • Media Library. The tool allows users to add AR effects to saved and uploaded Instagram photos and videos.  It’s a new fun way to augment meaningful moments using augmented reality.
  • Gallery Picker. This feature allows the application of personalized effects to own images. As such, users can transport to different places through the Green Screen effect. One just needs to choose a photo and AR effect to create new surroundings on an Instagram post.
  • New AR Templates. Facebook also added new templates to help users quickly build a range of AR effects. These include 2D and 3D stickers, Effect Stories, and Effect Galleries. 2D and 3D templates use plane tracking to place images on a scene.  Choose from 25 published stories templates using Effect Stories. While Effect Galleries showcase relevant cultural themes and moments.

The updates are part of Facebook’s mission to make AR creation easy and simple. It will be available for iOS users soon.

Implications for Marketers:

Spark AR Studio is a free design tool that marketers can use for making ads and content. The new features provide more opportunities to use AR in more creative ways. Marketers should take advantage of such updates to create extraordinary campaigns. In this way, they could spark interest to their audience resulting to increase engagement and conversion.

Reference: https://sparkar.facebook.com/blog/spark-ar-expands-features-and-ar-capabilities-instagram/

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