Facebook Updates Monetization Strategies for Content Creators

On 9 Jul 2019, Facebook announced a day before VidCon 2019 that content creators can find new ways to monetize their content.

Facebook’s new monetization features will help content creators to ensure that it reaches its audiences and enable collaboration with brands. Facebook believes that with the new updates it can help build a passion for business.

Facebook Updates Monetization Strategies for Content Creators
Source: Facebook


Ad Revenue

Facebook announced last November 2018 that content creators can use Ad breaks, which have rolled to more than 40 countries and 17 languages. Sibyl Goldman, VP of Global Entertainment Partnerships and Maria Smith, Director of Facebook App Monetization, state that there was a 3x increase for Pages using Ad breaks.

Facebook says that it has three different formats for Ad breaks:

  • Mid-roll: Ad shown during a video
  • Pre-roll: Ad shown before a video or in Search or Watchlist
  • Non-interruptive image ad

The new feature involves a non-disruptive solution, for videos that have no natural breaks. In this case, only pre-roll and image ads can appear on those types of videos.

Brand Collaboration

Advertisers can collaborate with content creators and earn revenue from that monetization method. A brand and a creator can collaborate through the Brand Collabs Manager.

A new update on the Brand Collabs Manager allows advertisers and the content creator to view engagement and performance based on their campaign.

In addition, Facebook also helps brands in getting the creator’s audience, which will further allow reach. The platform believes that this is a secure approach in audience sharing.

Fan Subscription

Creators can benefit through a fan subscription service, which had already been out since 2018. Facebook, however, takes 30% of the creator’s revenue. Still, the fan subscription approach gives the creators an opportunity to earn more.

As part of Facebook’s new announcement, creators can create a private group between its supporters for enhanced engagement and reach. In addition, creators can access new insights, such as supporter status.

Facebook is evaluating Facebook Stars, which will give users the chance to give gamers stars, during a live game. This feature can expand to video creators as well.

Creator Studio

Alongside the new monetization updates, Facebook updated new Creator Studio tools, which would track and monitor performance and engage with fans.

Monetization Overview

Creator Studio comes with a newly rolled-out monetization overview, which would be easier for creators to view all monetization methods in one place.

Instagram and IGTV Integration

Aside from the all-in-one monetization overview, creators can integrate its Instagram and IGTV accounts. This means creators can manage their accounts easier.

Audience Retention

Creators can also access new insights about their audience demographics, behavior, and interests.

Implications for Brand Marketers

Brand marketers can create their ads to get recognized by its target audiences. It will be easier for brand marketers to capture audience attention with new methods to capture new audiences. It’s important to consider collaborating with key opinion leaders, which can help leverage their brand.

The new updates in Creator Studio can give brand marketers an idea of how their campaigns are performing, which could help them enhance their strategies. The new tools will help give insight into their brand’s standing and engagement with new audiences.

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